History of The Landing 1841

Indians, runaway slaves, a milk delivery route, an aviation enthusiast, and a world renowned artist have all contributed to the unique past of The Landing 1841.

The first settlers of Burlington arrived in 1835 and by 1841 the property that is now The Landing was bought and made private land. Initially, the land would have belonged to the Indians, but a treaty in 1833 ceded the land in SE Wisconsin to the United States. It is said that the Indians would come down the river, land on the banks of the property and hold meetings there.

By 1887 a farmer named True Worthy Durgin owned the Property. Mr. Durgin was known as a “conductor” of the Underground Railroad in Burlington and used the property as a hiding place for runaway slaves as they made their way north to Canada.

In 1913 George Bieneman bought the farm. The Bieneman’s owned the property the longest out of any of its owners. George started a milk delivery route in 1917. The business would run for 27 years providing the first front door milk delivery service to the Burlington community.

In the 1950’s a portion of the property was sold for the construction of the Burlington airport. It continues to run as a municipal airport with mostly small hobby planes.

In 1972 Paul Poberezny bought the property. Paul was the founder of the EAA and had originally bought the property with hopes of hosting the EAA in Burlington. After resistance from Burlington residents to expand the airport the EAA ended up in Oshkosh.  It now hosts the EAA museum which draws hundreds of thousands of people each year. Paul was well known and respected in the aviation community and has been inducted into the aviation hall of fame. 

In 1989 Matt Lamb bought the property. Probably the most intriguing of all the owners, Matt had quite a life story. Originally, a very successful businessman from Chicago, he went on to become an internationally recognized self-taught artist and peace activist. After being misdiagnosed (or miraculously cured) from a medical diagnosis in his late 40’s he sold his businesses vowing to live a more purposeful life.  He spent the rest of his life painting, feeling moved by the Holy Spirit, to spread his message of peace, tolerance, hope, communication, and love among men with his works of art.  

Among his accomplishments:

He was commissioned by the Pentagon to work with the children of 9/11’s victims creating the program “Umbrella’s for Peace”. Since then worldwide 300,000 children have painted screens for the peace in 29 countries.

Created works of art, held exhibitions and has art displayed worldwide

Opened 18 global Museums for Peace

*When The Landing was bought there were over 9000 paintings on the property stored in the barns and shed. The barn housed one of Matt’s art studios where he would paint. He had a total of 7 studios around the world.  

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