Q: How do we reserve a date and what is the initial deposit:

To reserve a date we require half down of the total payment and a $500 security deposit. The security deposit will be returned within 14 days after the event as long as no damages occur. Any outstanding charges will be taken out of the security deposit with the renter being liable for anything above and beyond the $500.

*In the event of a cancelation, we require 30 days notice at which time you will receive your $500 security deposit. The remainder will be retained by The Landing 1841.

Q: What are the rental times?

The rental is from 10AM to 11PM on the day of the event (end time is non-negotiable due to length of events and our conditional uses with the county). Access to the barn for set up is at 10am. Access to The Trueworthy House and Loft is at 10AM. Music and the serving of alcohol must be ended at 1030PM with guest departure by 11PM.  A fee of $100 per 15 minutes will be charged past 11PM with any remaining guests escorted out and doors locked at 1130PM.

Q: What does the rental include?

The rental includes use of the barn, Trueworthy House and Loft for bridal parties to get ready, an indoor or outdoor ceremony site option, tables and seating for up to 200, expansive grounds including a river, tall grasses, wild flowers and a vineyard for gorgeous photo backdrops, restrooms, parking, approved accessories owned by The Landing, and garbage receptacles and removal.  We set the maximum number of guests at 200 for the property (Should your final guest number go above 210 we will apply an additional $20 penalty fee to each additional guest).

Q: What are the rehearsal Options?

Ceremony rehearsals are based on availability and currently take place on Thursdays. Ceremony rehearsals are meant to be used as such, limited to 45 minutes and to be completed by 7pm. A fee of $50 per 15 minutes will be assessed for rehearsal should they run overtime. No alcohol is permitted for this activity.

Q:When do we have access to The Trueworthy House and Loft?

Both are available the day of the event for the bridal parties to get ready at 10am. The house will be locked 1 hour after ceremony start time and reopened at 1030pm. Any remaining personal items (from the Loft as well) should be moved the back hall area of the Trueworthy House and removed by 11pm. They to be left in the condition they were upon arrival, with all personal items removed and trash picked up. The cleaning of floors, bathroom and linens will be the responsibility of The Landing staff. 

Q: What are the guidelines for decorating?

Decorations are allowed with approval by The Landing. All decorations must be removed without leaving damages.  No nails, screws, stapling or tacking materials to any walls, posts, or doors. The entire security deposit will be retained should this policy be broken. No flame of any type are allowed. Flicker lighting is a great alternative and much less of a hazard in our wood structure. We also do not allow sparklers, release lanterns or fireworks of any sort on the property.   

Q: Is there a designated place for smokers?

Yes, Smoking is only allowed in the designated areas provided.  Smoking is absolutely prohibited in any of the buildings, including the bridal house. This includes the deck area. This policy will be strictly enforced.

Q: Who is responsible for trash?

Trash receptacles and dumpsters are provided. We do support recycling in our community and appreciate garbage and recyclables being kept in separate receptacles. Staff is on site to empty trash as needed.

Q: What kind of music is allowed?

A DJ or a band is allowed. Amplified music must be kept inside and at a reasonable level.  Volume control will be at the discretion of the management.  User agrees to cooperate with The Landing to insure that the music, sound, and/or noise level generated by the event is obtained at an acceptable level at all times. This will be strictly enforced to comply with local noise ordinances. We do provide a preferred DJ list of services we have worked with that know our facility and have proven to offer superior service in a respectful manner to our clients and staff.

*Outdoor ceremonies may have speaker systems for voice and appropriate music accompaniments.

Q: May we bring in an outside caterer or our own alcohol?

We require the use of one of our preferred vendors for food services, with the exception of a wedding cake. All beverage packages are provided through our in house service BAR1841.  We do hold a liquor license on site. Therefore, outside alcohol is strictly prohibited on site due to Wisconsin State liquor laws.

*Food and alcohol are not included in the rental price and should be negotiated directly with our preferred vendors.

Q: Are dogs permitted in the barn?

We do allow pets on site for outdoor ceremonies or indoor ceremonies that take place in The River House. Pets are not permitted in the main barn, Trueworthy  House or Loft.  We do ask that prearrangements are made for the pet's pick-up before the reception begins.

Q: Can you recommend any local vendors?

Upon request we can supply you with a list of local vendors that we recommend.

Q: Do you provide day-of coordination?

We do provide day of coordinators to be on site for assistance in overseeing set up, greet and direct vendors, direct guests, direct bridal party for ceremony/grand march and keep your event on your intended timeline. We do offer a Whole Trunk coordination package at an additional cost. We can provide you with any extra package details upon request.

For general operations, our staff is responsible for the set-up and take down of tables and chairs, overseeing the guests and grounds. Through the event they will maintain the facility's cleanliness and enforce policies. They are not responsible for decorating, catering or dinner service or working for outside vendors. The actual wait staff for dinner would be arranged through the caterer and are responsible for the dinner service and clean up. 

*We highly recommend purchasing one of our coordination packages or hiring a planner, whether day-of or comprehensive, to oversee the details of your event. Please inquire with us to see how we can assist you in your day of planning.

Additional important items:

  • No fireworks are allowed on the property for the safety of guests and the barn. Anyone found not complying with this policy will be asked to leave the property immediately.
  • As a respected business we do not tolerate the use of illegal drugs on our premises. Anyone suspected using or in possession of illegal drugs will be asked to leave immediately. Law enforcement may be contacted at the discretion of The Landing's management or staff.
  • Fire exits and doorways cannot be blocked or propped open. Familiarize yourself with the locations of exits and fire extinguishers.
  • All guests and vendors must adhere to posted Venue boundaries and private area signage.
  • The Landing will not be held responsible for the weather.
  • Due to our location near the Burlington airport there are restrictions as to the release of unmanned items and use of drones. 
  • We are not responsible for damaged, lost or stolen items of the renters or any of their vendors.
  • All applicable sales and used tax will be placed on the final invoice. (currently 5.1% for Racine county)

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